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November 8, 2013

“An optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

Winston Churchill


A creative mindset is much like the optimist that Churchill so eloquently describes.  It takes creativity to continually generate content for your social media audience.  But creativity alone will not engage an audience or sell your product.

In fact, it takes strategy, planning, creation, and implementation to reach those end goals.  Continually creating content worthy of viewing, liking, retweeting or pinning build brand equity, loyal customers, and attract interest, while filling the sales pipeline.  It is better to be known.  It is better to have a hand in crafting your “message” to the world.

Many business owners question social media.  How do you know its adding to our bottom line, exactly what is the ROI, and how can we measure impact?

Answers to these questions are as unique as the person asking them.  It truly depends on your product, your audience, and your mindset.

Yet, there are customers to be gained in the world of social media.  IPO’s such as twitter’s do not happen if there is not ROI to be gained.

Crafting niche based campaigns and giving them time is the real key and is the secret to discovering the connection of the dots.

Social media is an opportunity of unprecedented proportion to spread your message, enhance your brand and measure success, don’t let your mindset keep you from venturing into the social media world because it seems too difficult.


Tina Kreuzer, MBA

Marketing Consultant


SINCE 2000

Creative Mindset Marketing is a web-based marketing firm.  A solution for business owners who want to stay focused on their operations; under the direction of Tina L. Kreuzer, MBA. An authentic, motivated, marketing professional with a passion for customer service, efficiency, and consumer behavior delivered on every campaign. Analytical and creative core competencies combine for synergy on every project she manages; which is now over 600+.